About me

Engineer & Research scholar, with potential in Algorithms and Data-structures, object-oriented design. Interested for data engineering and analysis, automation & optimization.


Project Officer (IT)

July 2016 - Present
National Digital Library of India, Sponsored by MHRD, Government of India
Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy, IIT Kharagpur

Initially: Part of Data Acquisition Team (Meta-data Engineering), Meta-data crawling and harvesting.Technologies Involved: Java with JSoup, Shell script, XML.

August 2016: Part of UI Team along with QA.Technologies Involved: AngularJS, HTML5, CSS. Javascript. For testing: Java, Nightwatch.js

September ‘16 to January ‘17: Leading the development of Android app for the project.Technologies Involved: Java, Android Studio, Gradle, Sqlite

February ‘17: Bulk mailer automation with Sendgrid integration.Technologies Involved: PHP 7, Postgres, Cron

March ‘17: Sitemap generation automation. Technologies Involved: PHP 7, Java, Postgres

March ‘17: Error log analysis portal. Technologies Involved: Javascript, Angular, Nodejs, Mongodb, Express

Developer Intern

Oct 2015 - Jan 2016
Elearnmarkets, Kolkata, IN

Interactive Learning Tool. Technologies Involved: AngularJS, CSS, Ionic 1.x

Software Engineer Intern

June 2014 – July 2014
Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, IN

Application to determine and coordinate software development priorities, project budgets, schedules and resources including internal and contracted software engineers and quality assurance engineers to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. Technologies Involved: JDBC, Java Enterprise Edition, Web components.

Developer, Co-founder

Cagecrow Softworks, Kolkata, IN

Entrepreneurship, Service: A Web-Based VMS. Technologies Involved: PHP, MariaDB, and Business Report. Business Development


Most of the Projects are internship, work or term projects.

Vertical Based Anlysis for Information Retrieval - MS area of research, Knowledge graph formation, NER, RE.
Meta-search Engine - Term project, Information retrieval, PHP, Javascript, MongoDB, Hash Data-structure, Google custom search API, Bing Cognitive search API, Yahoo search API, Meta-ranker and re-ranking.
NDL Android App - Android app for National Digital Library of India, Java, Android SDK, Android Studio, Gradle, BUILD pipeline
Long-bone Fracture Detection in digital X-ray images. - B.Tech Engineering Major Project, Image processing, Digital geometry, Python, MATLAB
Prediction of Optimized Structure of Proteins Using Genetic Algorithms - Seminar Project, West Bengal University of Techology, Genetic Algorithms, Simulated Annealing, MATLAB, C
ILT - Interactive Learning Tools, web based module for students to learn financial subjects, Elearnmarkets, AngularJS, Ionic 1.x, Edutech
Kolkata Navigator Beta - Android App for transportation guide in City of Kolkata with salient offline features and Google Map API integration, C#, Android SDK, Unity
Online Integrated Development Environment - Online IDE and Java based compiler


C & C++

Javascript & MEAN stack

Apps Native & hybrid

Information retrieval

Neural networks



Tools & platform

Data engineering

Object oriented design

Functional Programming